EXHealth Group

The focus of the Exercise Health Laboratory (ExHealth LAB) is the study of the mechanisms and effects of exercise and sport on smoking cessation, alcohol cessation and psychological health and well-being by using experimental, cross-sectional and longitudinal designs using different types of exercise and sports in laboratory and field.


theodorakisphoto  Yiannis THEODORAKIS, Professor


      zourbanosphoto         Nikos ZOURBANOS, Assistant Professor


kokaridasphoto     Dimitris KOKARIDAS, Lecturer

Selected Publications:

Magouritsa, G., Kokaridas, D., Theodorakis, Y., Patsiaouras, A., Mouzas, O.,Dimitrakopoulos, S., & Digelidis, N. (2014). The efect of a physical activity program on improving mod profile of patients with schizophrenia. International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology,http:/

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