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Laboratory of Exercise Psychology & Quality of Life

Laboratory Director (2014): Papaioannou Athanasios, Professor
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The Laboratory of Exercise Psychology and Quality of Life focuses on promoting research, teaching, development and implementation of optimal human performance programs, enhancing quality of life through physical education, lifelong exercise and sport participation. The activity of the Laboratory and its members are multi-dimensional and in a wide variety of fields.

Research: Our laboratory has research expertise in all areas of Exercise and Sport and Performance Psychology. Its members have published widely in both Greek and international journals. Also, our laboratory researchers are editors, section editors and have served as members of Editorial Boards as well as reviewers in prominent international scientific journals, such as the official journal of the International Society of Sport Psychology which is administered by three members of our lab from the roles of Editor, Assistant Editor and Section Editor respectively

Books: Laboratory members have edited, authored and coauthored various books and / or book chapters, in Greece and abroad, within the domains of Sports Psychology, Physical Education Pedagogy, Physical Education, in sports and exercise settings. These books have been used widely across the country and the world, such as the Routledge Companion of Sport and Exercise Psychology (Ed. A. Papaioannou) containing 62 chapters from 144 authors in 24 countries.

Physical Education: Our Laboratory members have participated in every major educational reform in the area of Physical Education in our country over the last 15 years which are: the “Olympic Education” Program (nation-wide program, 2000-2006), the Program promoting societal equality "Kallipateira" (nation-wide program, 2006-2008). They have also been actively involved in the book writing process guided by the Greek Pedagogical Institute for Physical Education for the 5th grade Elementary School class to the 3rd grade High School class (teacher and student books, 2003-2006), in the writing of the new "Curriculum for Physical Education in High School” by reforming curricula entitled "NEW SCHOOL" (2011-2012), and recently drafting on the New Curriculum and Teaching Guide for High School Physical Education  (2014-2015)



Recent Publications

Written on 15 January 2015, 13.24
2015 2018-2019 Papaioannou, A., Milosis, D., & Gotzaridis, C. (2019). Interdisciplinary Teaching of Physics in Physical Education: Effects on Students’ Autonomous Motivation and Satisfaction. Journal of...
Written on 05 September 2014, 00.00
recent-publicationsBoroujeni, S. T., Zourbanos, N., & Shahbazi, M. (2014). The effects of instructional and motivational self-talk on basketball passing and shooting performance in novice students. Medicina dello Sport,...
Written on 04 September 2014, 00.00
2013 Chroni, A., Grigoriou, S., Hatzigeorgiadis, A., & Theodorakis, Y. (2013). Observer intervention: exploring an alternative act against sexual harassment in higher education through the Theory of...


School of Physical Education & Sport Science
University of Thessaly
Trikala city, Greece

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phone: +30 24310 47044


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